Obama to propose shift in wildfire funding

President Obama’s annual budget request to Congress will propose a significant change in how the government pays to fight wildfires, administration officials said, a move that they say reflects the ways in which climate change is increasing the risk for and cost of those fires.

The wildfire funding shift is one in a series of recent White House actions related to climate change as Mr. Obama tries to highlight the issue and build political support for his administration’s more muscular policies, like curbing carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

On Monday, Mr. Obama plans to describe his proposal at a meeting in Washington with governors of Western states that have been ravaged recently by severe drought and wildfires.



  1. I have been a professional forestry consultant for the last 42 years, besides being involved in forest health and public programs. Forest fire revention is a factor of forest manament. attempting to focus it on other political issues will make the program far more costly and with a reduction in fire control. It will put idialogs who do not understand fire control in charge of the program “A Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” in control of forest fires. It will become a political program doomed to failure. Kelly C. Niemi.

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