Finally, some good mountain pine beetle news

A recent aerial survey is revealing that the 18-year battle to eradicate the mountain pine beetle from the Black Hills is slowing the pest’s progress.

But despite reports by the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies that indicate that the beetles infested just 34,000 new acres in 2013 compared to as many as 67,000 acres as recently as 2011, U.S. Forest Service officials say they intend to press on in the war against a pest that burrows under the bark and sucks the life out of pine trees.

“We see encouraging declines in some areas, but we need to stay vigilant with this epidemic. We need to keep working with our partners to keep our forests green and more resilient to insects and damaging wildfire,” said Craig Bobzien, a forest supervisor.



  1. R Darwin Inskeep says:

    A group I am with is developing a pyrolysis method to produce power from the Mountain Pine Beetle Kill Wood for the Western US Forest Service (with CO, MT Research University Research Groups). Secondarily, this will also help eradicate the litter of many of the beetle host in the wood (primarily lodgepole species in MT, SD, CO, and CANADIAN.) However, it will take many years to kick-start these slow-growth Intermountain Forests.

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